The Designer’s Guide to Gestalt Psychology

Perception is as important to design as content is. There are plenty of fun websites devoted to design gone wrong, like the Starbucks delivery truck the spells out “SUCKS” when the door is opened, or the “keming” websites (a tongue in cheek reference to bad kerning). This article on Creative Market helps designers better understand how we humans connect the different objects we see on a layout together and perceive them as one whole.

The Designer’s Guide to Gestalt Psychology


20 Everyday Struggles When You’re a Color Addict

“7. You’ve sat through some terrible movies just because the use of color in the cinematography was so good.”

I can identify with a few of these LOL…

20 Everyday Struggles When You’re a Color Addict

Art & Commerce: A Match Made in Hell

Don’t let the title of this article posted on fool you. Author, Joe Parrish recounts how his agency was forced to redesign their product packaging in the face of commercial realities. The result is a much improved packaging system for the client. 

Design is about communicating clearly to the audience. If the design doesn’t accomplish that goal, it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, it’s time to change the design.

Read the story here: Art & Commerce: A Match Made in Hell