AIGA Las Vegas, Creative Carousel

Join us on Wednesday, March 14
CSN Main Lobby Theater, “A” Building
3200 Cheyenne
Social hour begins at 6pm
Presentations begin at 7pm

I’ll be speaking on Branding, Beer, and drawing with an iPad Pro. For more info visit AIGA Las Vegas



Squircles, Part 2

Last week, I posted this short article showing how to make squircles in Adobe Illustrator. But I’m not done with squircles quite yet. What about web design?

This Code Player post has it covered. Pure CSS squircles for your web project. See them in action on my personal website

How Creatives Can Critique Each Other Without Choking Each Other

giphy-3Managing critiques, whether in a business setting, or in a classroom, can be a tricky for a design manager. It’s a challenge to keep critiques informative and actionable without stifling creativity and open communication. Sam Harrison offers great, simple to adapt  advice for design managers in his short article on

Read the article here: 7 Tips for Friendlier Creative Criticism

4 Questions to Reawaken Your Creativity & Imagination

play-cleese-quote-600x503Sam Harrison’s article on is a great reminder that “non creative behavior is learned” and we can re-learn to be creative with practice. He recomends simple mental exercises to revitalize our creative thinking skills, and a Foosball table can’t hurt either.

Read the short article here: 4 Questions to Reawaken Your Creativity & Imagination